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Monday, April 12, 2010

Having fun with Velcro!

I was finally able to do some of those poster that Sue Patrick describes in her workbox system, that we use at the start of the school year (which has been wonderful)
I started off with a simple one, a ABC, I got two posters from the Dollar Store, laminated one and cut up the other and laminated those pieces, put Velcro on both..
BAM! We have a ABC poster activity for those little children.
They love to do it. I am working on a USA map and number one as well. Also would like to do one of the mysterious of the rosary and so on..(if I just had more time in a day!)
Below, I did something different, I also did their names and placed them on their desk and so its just another way of learning how to spell their names!
Trainboy loves to do so! Now if I can Velcro their cute cushions to the chair, I might have some there! :)


Theresa said...

Nice job, Ceci! It looks great!

Dessi said...

Soo creative...and so blessed to have you near by for inspiration!!!

+JMJ+ said...

Sounds like you might have an invention brewing... ;)

Gardenia said...

that's an excellent idea. is your laminator really large, to do the whole poster at once, or did you laminate it in sections? just curious.

Cecilia said...

Gardenia.. acutally I went to a teacher store for the large posters, I only have a small laminator from walmart that I just love! :)