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Monday, March 1, 2010

Little C Violin Recital..

Here is my oldest playing at her violin Recital yesterday. This April ,she will be taking violin lessons for 2 years. I just see what great wonders it has done for her and our family..

Music is God's way of touching our hearts gently..


+JMJ+ said...

We are just so awed by little Cecilia!

Her poise, confidence, bravery and skill shine in this and all her performances. No doubt she will develop into a woman that will be a force to reckon with!

You are doin an INSPIRING job as parents. God bless you!

Gardenia said...

oh you must be so proud. I do so love the Owl and the Pussycat poem. it is beutiful, and your daughter recites it beautifully and flawlessly! and my goodness what a musician she is. how proud you truly must be.

and today we receeived the lovely bow in the mail. come check out my post -- to see how happy Little Flower is to receive it. thank you once again. we love it. (and believe it or not, the color light pink it perfect becuase we do not have a light pink bow, and every little girl needs a light pink bow). ;)