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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

From one men's heart to another

After reading a brief article on CNN News about Castro's thoughts on US.

"Castro also mildly praised Obama's domestic initiatives, such as health care reform. "

1st, I love it how CNN loves to call him ex-President, as my mother would say.. where were the Free elections?, they should call it as it is.. dictator! Period!

Ok.. so the dictator, mildly praised Mr. President on his domestic.. such as health care.. .. of course.. for its foundations is just such as Cuba.. Which sucks.. if you want to have a baby in the hospital.. bring your own say the least.. As a relative of mines says.. oh.. Cuba is another story.. it will never happen here!" Can you promise that you? Can you promise that on your life? Nope!

"Still, Castro said he was astonished by U.S. news reports of declining popularity for Obama. Castro blamed "traditional [U.S.] racism" for dampening reform efforts, including health care revisions."
Ok.. Than.. our Friend here.. is astonished of the declining popularity for Obama..What did he forget that he is talking about Americans..who love their freedom.. So as a traditional racism.... why is everything about racism for a president that is half white and black.. why is it that we can't disagree with Mr. President and be called a racists! Well, for a country like CUBA.. if you disagree with the Dictator.. you went to jail, your life was turn upside for the worst.. but noooo that will not happen here.. Can you promise me that?

Don't you love it, he says.. "health care revisions.." what revisions.. is a monster new health care system made up in few weeks... nothing revision about it! What I really don't understand and it bothers me a great deal here is family and friends who are born in Cuba or Cuban American.. where they came from or their family ... read History.. yes, American and Cuba are not the same story to say.. but to close for comfort! Its the idea's behind these men that are the same and American can be a Cuba or for my fear.. worst then Cuba...

So as the feast of Our Lady of Charity comes near, September 8th.. I pray with my whole heart and soul that Our Blessed Mother protects this beautiful country of ours and gives these brave men and women the courage to fight for the truth.. which the truth will set us FREE!

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