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Sunday, July 5, 2009

God Bless USA!

God bless the USA. Land of the Freedom, Stand besides her and Guide Her.
I wonder if my own children will remember this great nation. I am worry what 4 years or God forbid 8 years of President Obama can do to this country with his perfect count congress. I wonder why so many people are blind. How come so many who voted for him and this congress come from families that left their country to come to this great nation of ours, from countries such as Cuba where you can't read what you want, be what God wants you to be, believe in the Creator freely! Many of their family members die on their way here for the freedoms that they are living with as of now. But little by little those freedoms are going to be taken away without their knowledge, without their care until BAM! Its all gone. But than again.. who can have freedom if a human being, a creation of God doesn't have the freedom to live..
We don't need those freedoms, we just need to protect LIFE!
May God Have Mercy on us.
May God protect us and bless us!


Therese said...

So well said!

+JMJ+ said...

My darling wore her patriotic bow on the 4th and of course, We thought of you!