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Thursday, January 31, 2013

{pretty, happy, funny, real} Our Mexico Trip

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The Churches were more than pretty, but a true work of art. You went in and you didn't want to leave. The kids were also taken by the art , the history and Christ and Mary's beauty.

Church of Roses, Morelia, Mexico

The Cathedral of Morelia, Mexico 

Church of Our Lady of Health

 The Cathedral in Mexico City

La Villa of Our Lady of Guadalupe


We were all so happy to be able to go to Mexico for Christmas and see lots and lots of family members. The children will have plenty of happy memories.

They loved going hiking and making a fire in the mountains for the day.

She really enjoyed playing with the dirt (as if it was sand).

At the plaza's market place, she got herself a fur-real dogie made out of rabbit skin, very soft.

Having fun at grandma's house.

At one of the many posadas of the seasons. 
They loved so pinatas which is nothing as the ones you find here.

They also really like going a bike taxi drive downtown Mexico city.

They had a great time at their cousin's First Holy Communion.

She was just over taken by Our Blessed Mother. She kept repeating over and over,
"She is just so beautiful, so beautiful"
Here she wanted to dance for Her.

In the smaller towns that we visited in Mexico, they have plazas, some are nice and big and others are smaller. The kids love to go to the plaza. They just loved to chase after those pigeons. It was so much fun and funny to watch them. 

This one is a different town plaza.


She turned 10! Just too real for me!


Michelle said...

Beautiful pics! It looks like it was a wonderful trip!

justamouse said...

What gorgeous pictures and such amazing churches. It looks like the kids had a great time, too.

Mary said...

Beautiful pictures! What a wonderful experience for your family. It's a dream of mine to visit Mexico City, especially to see Our Lady of Guadalupe's tilma.

Gardenia said...

Cecilia, oh I loved all the photos of Mexico. The architecture of the churches there is unsurpassed in beauty!! oh beautiful that your little daughter became so connected to Our Lady. She will remember this trip and may her love for Our Blessed Mother grow and deepen. (I think she has found a friend for life in her!!) Happy birthday to your beautiful daughter. I would love to attend an authentic posadas !!

Cecilia Escobedo said...

Thanks, Ladies. We had a wonderful time. I hope one day to make it to Spain so Mexico is closest for now. Have a blessed Weekend.

RAnn said...

Beautiful pictures!

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Leila said...

Amazing fun and beautiful pictures! Thanks for joining!