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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

And We are off...

Our Star Students

Yesterday was our very first day back to school and it was long. We started off with our co-op of the Classical Catholic Memory: its so beautiful filled with beautiful Catholic materials and lots of fun for the kids. Starfish also takes a Andrew's EIW class after the co-op, so we are there until to 2ish.

We did stop by for a special snack and dessert for dinner on our Back to School Feast, A very hummy strawberries shortcake..
After we got home, I gave them each a box filled with school treats and we set off to work some. I have a white board with the date of the week and each child's work include music practice so that it can be wipe-off when done and they can see what they have left and when they are finished.
 Starfish had to do her Saxon Math, History and piano/violin,  Sharkboy had to fill in his calendar in his binder (I gave two younger ones  a binder with a fill-in calendar and their poems and Starfish has a big binder for all of her subjects) and we also did Saxon Phonics.   Last with Turtle we just did some assessments of letters, numbers and sounds. She is a 4 day week with co-op while the older two have Math, Phonics on co-op day and than 4 filled days of work.


Here is my command center : Our Monthly wipe-off calendar, a M-F calendar wipe-off with pictures of extra activities such as music lessons, ballet, soccer, co-op, etc so the little ones can see when those activities are during the week. (A dollar buy at Walmart) .
Last item is our "Little Way of Getting to Heaven", check-off work sheet, each child has a color and it has written their chores for the day (it stays the same all week long with a spot for extra chores), I laminated it and they check off . Each items has a one point besides music practice and school work which is a 5 and 10 points. They do their work , done well and cheerfully, they get their points and earn enough points they can use it for activities such as computer, movie , etc   The red one is where I keep track of their points plus where to add extra ones or ones they lose due to attitudes, behavior, extra...   So far it has been easy sailing.
      Our Family Motto:  Matthew 22:37-39 " Jesus said unto him, Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy should and with all thy mind. This is the first and great commandment. And the second is like unto it Thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself."


karen g said...

Looks like it started off great! Everyone sitting in their seats ready for Mama Teacher. Good job Ceci! ~Karen

Dessi said...

Oo, do write a post on your chore charts and command center:)) You are amazing at this stuff!!!

Dessi said...

Also, I saw the magnet and made me sad....remembering you guys and the day we made them!!!!!!!!!!