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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Vote to Kill or not to Kill

This Minneapolis, Minnesota couple is making waves across the Internet with a web site they created allowing the public to vote on whether or not they should give birth or have an abortion.
This article just came out and it has made my day sick.. very sick to see that their are human beings who would do even such things as to have the public vote to kill or not to kill their BABY. Its bad enough that we have abortion and God knows it makes me sick daily to know its happen every second.
What have we come to in this society? I just can't take it any longer.. I just can't believe that our society will last any longer. I can not understand God's Mercy but His Mercy it is real and their but for how long?
Please take a moment and vote to save this sweet baby. They have to Dec. 9th until in their State its illegal to kill a baby.
May God Have Mercy on Us and the Whole World...
Please pick up your rosary and Pray and Pray hard!

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