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Saturday, June 20, 2009

Knights of St. Michaels' Boys Club

We had our 1st Knights of St. Michael's Boys Club at our house. We focus on Sacred Heart of Jesus, being the feast day. We had 6 boys ranging from 3 years to about 8 years old.
Mrs. Jackson read to the boys about the Sacred Heart of Jesus. Afterwards the boys work on a page craft for their Club book. They had lots of fun especially with the glitter.
Trainboy working very hard. He was so excited, first thing he said when he woke up..."Boys club!!"
Trainboys finished page!
Then we had to have cake! To make any boy happy you always feed them!
Mrs. Jackson made this great cake!

Thank you!
"The Knights of St. Michael"
And boys being boys.. off to play outside!

Thank God it wasn't raining!

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