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Sunday, May 24, 2009

No--Get Out of Jail Free Card

While Obama addressed Notre Dame's commencement on Sunday urgingpro-lifers to surrender the rhetoric and actions of political andcultural conflict, over 40 brave souls were in jail or police custodyfor walking on campus and praying. Those arrested were holding animage of Mary or an image of an unborn child.

Two of those arrested are still in jail; Arnold Matheson, age 82, ofPoughkeepsie, NY; and Robert Buchta, age 56, of Center Reach, LongIsland. (Jail addresses below.)
Among those also arrested was Norma McCorvey, the "Jane Roe" of Roevs. Wade and Father Norman Weslin, the Founder of Lambs of Christ.

Norma McCorvey stated:
"I have never been arrested at a pro-life event, but I knew in myheart that God wanted me to bear witness against what was happening atNotre Dame. My request to Mr. Obama is this: stop the killing;overturn Roe vs. Wade."

The irony of Norma McCorvey's and the other pro-lifers arrests will bepart of the discussion for years to come; Catholics and Evangelicalswere behind bars for defending Life and Justice while President Obamawas honored though he betrays justice and slays theinnocent through his national and international policies.

As of 5 PM May 19, everyone has been bailed out except for twocourageous prisoners of conscience. As stated they are: ArnoldMatheson, age 82, of Poughkeepsie, NY; and Robert Buchta, age 56, ofCenter Reach, Long Island.Mr. Matheson and Mr. Buchta have decided to stay in jail rather thanpost bail as a further witness for the innocent, and a witnessagainst Notre Dame's betrayal of Church teaching and the innocentbabies they are charged to defend.
They will remain in custody at least until their hearing on June8...nearly three weeks from now.

Christians are asked to do three things:
1.) Please pray for Mr. Matheson and Mr. Buchta. Pray for theirsafety, and that their witness would reach Pope Benedict, and millionsof the faithful around the world.

2.) Please call Fr. Jenkins' office, and politely ask that thecharges against these brave men be dismissed. It is an OUTRANGE and aSCANDAL that these men are behind bars at the behest of Notre Dame.The Main switchboard is 574-631-5000. Fr. Jenkins office phone numberis 574-631-3903.

3.) Please write these brave men a note of encouragement. Let themknow that they are heroes, that you are praying for them, and thatyou have called Fr. Jenkins to ask that the charges against them bedropped.

Write to:
Arnold Matheson Robert BuchtaC/o St. Joseph County Jail C/o St. Joseph County Jail401 W. Sample St. 401 W. Sample St.South Bend, IN 46601 South Bend, IN 46601

Visit to be kept updated on the status of these two prisoners of conscience, and the next steps for action inthis battle.

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