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Tuesday, December 9, 2008

His smile says it all!

My parents just celebrated 50 years on Saturday in South Florida. I was not able to make it but I was there in spirit. However, we are going down in June for a 50 & 1/2 anniversary. My parents have gone through so much in 50 years. Out of 50 years, they have been about 48 years outside of their beloved country, Cuba and I don't think they will ever be back. They have four sons and 3 daughters and 30 grandchildren. For them leaving their country was worth it all in the name of Faith, their true love. Our Catholic faith has given them always the strength and courage to go on one more day! Their love for the Holy Mass and their fight for the unborn has been something to truly admire. I am very bless to have them as an example of what marriage is all about, loving the other one through the hard times and laughing with them through the good! I thank them with all my heart for who they are and who they will become now and in Everlasting life..

When asked once during an interview of marriage couples past 30 years if they ever thought of divorce, my mother replies.."divorce never... murder many times!" All with a smile.

God love them!


+JMJ+ said...

God grant them many more years together.

Dessi said...

Oh, this is sooo precious!!! May God bless them with 50 moore wonderful years!!!1