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Friday, August 22, 2008

A Princess in the Making

Princess Girl , wanted to do a lapbook on Cinderella, a Princess indeed. We had some left over wrapping paper to be able to cover the book.

Here she is showing off her hard work!

This part gives them ideas on how a Princess acts, such as she is kind, caring, smart, honest, and gentle. Then we took the virtue of Kindness and saw How God wanted us to be kind towards others and what truekindness is!

Here are some Pumpkin Facts & The Lifecycle of the Pumpkin. She had to paste pictures in its correct order.

In this section, she wrote her own Cinderella story. She had a great time doing this and she want to make sure that I wrote word for word her story!

Here she measured every one's feet and wrote the data onto a chart. Blondie was not fond of this activity. I guess she didn't like having her feet touch! Drama!

We look up the flag of France and where France is on the world map since the story Cinderella came from a French Author!

Here she had to make her clock that stroke at midnight!

A Princess in the making. God bless them, All!


+JMJ+ said...

She is really looking like you! Adorable hair and so pretty...what a good job she did too!

Who knew there was so much to learn through the "vehivle" of cinderella....inspiring!

Theresa said...

Great lapbook! Well done, princess!!

Cathi said...

I love the lapbook! You are going to have to show me how to do this. It's great!