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An Enkindle New Life .

This is a new life for me.   A life of love and of mercy for myself, my husband and children. So many days, I have wasted trying to share the message of Merciful Love with the world through so many projects outside of the home,  such as merciful love challenge,  girls run club, pro-life ministry, online business, bigger blog, more social media, and this and that, etc. I didn't see that my worthily answer was within reach.   My Soul. My husband. My children. My home. I exchanged His graces on my life for numbers, goals, empowerment, self-care. I didn't see that it is those graces that transform me, not the gym. He wants me to accomplish a mighty goal, my salvation. How. Right within my reach. My home. My husband. My Children. A real friendship with Him.  With real priorities set on true health; health of the soul, body, mind all within my vocation of marriage and motherhood. It's in this vocation, that I will, with His grace, ac

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