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Monday, March 25, 2013

Mary's bruise on her face; La Macarena

                                             Our Lady of Hope
La Macarena has a story of the bruise on her face.
One notices a bruise on the right cheek of the life like image. This was not painted by any artist. During one of the Holy Week processions, a drunkard in the crowd shouted insults at Our Lady and finally threw a glass bottle at her, hitting her cheek. It left the bruise that is still visible today. Many artists have tried to repair the damage to the cheek but each time, as soon as the restoration was completed, the bruise would return as if newly made. When the man who committed this terrible offense against the Mother of God became sober, he saw the bruise and repented for his crime. For his penance, he resolved to walk before the statue each Holy Week with chains on his feet and carrying a cross to expiate his sin. 
After his death, his descendants continued this practice. To this day, it is said, a family member continues this act. It is a marvelous example of the reparation of a family for the sin of one of its members. 

Its is amazing how we bruise our Lord and Mother's face with all of our sins. Have mercy on us, Lord, have mercy.

We have now for a few years been watching this unbelievable and breath taking tradition in Seville Spain. One day we'll watch it live in Seville. But for now, online steaming is what we have. Thank goodness.
.Christ Sentenced - Seville
During Semana Santa (Holy Week) in Seville, Spain there are processions in which enormous floats are carried around the streets of Seville by teams of "costaleros" (bearers) followed by hundreds of "nazarenos" (penitents). Many of these floats are religious works of the art that date back as fars as the 17th century, each showing a small part of the Easter story.

These processions each of which takes many hours between leaving its parish at midnight on Good Friday and returning there after following a set route around the city to the Cathedral and back.

Male are the costaleros who carry the float. It's a once in a lifetime honor to do so. The floats may weigh over 20000kg and on average there are 60 costaleros at a time taking turns due to each one is supporting a weight of 50kg for about 8 hours.

In 2004 and 2005 the rain cancel many of these and men were crying in the street knowing that they will never get a chance to be a costaleros. 

Its a beauty of the church to have such traditions that show the world our love for Christ.

Here are few different floats that are used during Holy Week.


We watch it live on here: Yesterday was just amazing!!

Have Fruitful Holy Week!